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Tree "An Americana Evening with Marie Rhines "Tall Tales and Verse" captures the most current essence of Rhines' research and turns it into an evening concert, combining traditional and original fiddle pieces, Scottish reels, Appalachian hoedowns, and original Western Cowgirl ballads, with an historic perspective of the music.

It's no wonder the Boston Globe called her: "One of the finest fiddlers in the country."

Based upon her research into American fiddle music and her own observations about life in the American West, a typical solo "Americana" violin concert also includes original vocals at the piano. The actual tunes for each concert varies, custom made for each event.

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Farewell to Ireland

Cooley's Reel

In addition Ms Rhines
also offers a music and
lecture program entitled
"Incredible Women of the
", that has proven
very popular.

"Incredible Women of the West"
A Lecture/Concert presented by Marie Rhines

There is a somewhat different scenario for the "Incredible Women of the West" concert with an overhead
projector with big screen depicting early photographs of women in various settings, from humble sod houses
to the big arenas for Annie Oakley. Marie also includes a few original ballads at the piano about the West.
This style concert is more of a lecture/concert.

For concert bookings and lessons, contact Marie Rhines: (928) 830-1826