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Marie Rhiines
"Every now and then a musician comes on the scene whose inventive, original, even revolutionary style can be appreciated not only by aficionados of the instrument, but by audiences of all ages and tastes. Marie Rhines has become one of the premier interpreters today of the rich traditions of American violin-fiddle music."  Colorado Daily

"Our audience was captivated by her original lyrics and compositions as well as by her arrangements and performances of well-known classics.  However, what distinguished Ms. Rhines' program beyond her wonderfully performed music was her ability to connect our audience to the music's origins through personal accounts and historic stories. In tune after tune she demonstrated her virtuosity while singing and playing the piano and fiddle." Roger Clark, Museum of Northern Arizona

"It was a joy to share with the audience a reaction that shifted from respect, through amazement, to incredibility and finally to a thunderous demand for more.  The combination of the keen ear and technical facility of Marie Rhines assures a performance that is absolutely spellbinding." Robert J. Lurtsema, WGBH-FM National Public Radio

"The astonishing Marie Rhines" The New York Times

"One of the finest fiddlers in the country" The Boston Globe

Marie Rhines' amazing record "The Reconciliation" is an incredible showpiece of her technical talents and incredible touch with the traditions of Ireland, Scotland, Shetland, and America. One listen to her album is worth a million words. Her music speaks for itself.
Dudley Cotton
Bluegrass magazine

For concert bookings and lessons, call Marie at (928) 830-1826